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About the OrchardBlueprint

Orchard BluePrint is a project that provides a reference implementation of a Orchard theme to help designers get started with the theme design. In addition to conforming to standards, the theme is light-weight and aesthetically pleasing. It features WYSIWYG preview to enable designers to complete design with tools of their choice without needing to import into Orchard for preview. The original creator and designer of Orchard BluePrint is Beatriz Oliveira of Bind (

Included features

This blueprint framework includes a set of features/techniques that represent the latest best-practices in CSS design, and consolidates a foundation for you to develop on top. Inside you will find:
  • CSS Reset > to eliminate browser default inconsistencies
  • Tableless design > A basic DIV based HTML structure, to serve as a base for your own structure, ready for an always-on-bottom footer, should you need it
  • Grids > A 24 column grid set, based on the 960 grid project
  • Typography definitions > A base definition of all typographic elements to help you get started
  • An HTML version > Ready for your local testing, with no need of a server (based on the same CSS)

You can check an online demo of this project at:

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